How we work?

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We work only on modern web-technologies

We do know – web-site is not just a combination of text and graphics based elements. It is some kind of advertisement aiming to demonstrate company’s authority. So it must be modern and faultless both technically and visually (color, shrifts, graphic design).

Technical perfection means, that in our web-sites it is really easy to orientate. You will never get lost in number of pages and they will launch up in less than a minute allowing you not to waste your valuable time.

Web-solutions we offer are exclusive

Having own space on the internet is not a caprice or luxury today. It is constituent part of any business. Under the word “own” we mean something unique and individual. And so we offer exclusive, special design and original solutions adjusting to customers’ business interests and requirements.

Our websites are search engine optimized

It is not enough just to have a website. If you would like your website to become your internet advertisement letting your potential clients easily find you on the internet, your site always should be on the first pages of a search engine. We do know, how to do it, we know how to make your business much more visible and noticeable.

Our websites work as efficient marketing tools

We closely cooperate with our customers, taking into consideration their points of view and wishes, strong and weak points, gaining information about their clients and competitors to offer customer oriented and efficient products.

We develop easy-to-use websites

After developing a website it is necessary to fill it out with information and then updating it from time to time. Since even well-developed websites cannot be interesting without the necessary and updated content.

So, taking it into consideration, any of our dynamic websites are based on web Content Management System (CMS) allowing you to keep your site under your control forever. You will have control on texts, images or page design, including navigation. So, you can make changes easily at any time. And above all, to do it, to update the site you do not require any higher qualification employee or professional. It is just enough if the person is familiar with MS word. With MS word knowledge any person can easily bring required changes.

We are professionals

Let us stop here a little longer, because quite often we have been asked: “Why should we pay more to web professionals, when our own colleague, son of our colleague, or the closest relative can develop a webpage?”

The answer is quite simple. Developing of a site, as a sum of interconnected pages, is really easy. And it can be created by any person who has basic knowledge in web-applications. But, we assure you, combination of such files is far from being a website.

Actually, a single person how intelligent he/she might seem, cannot not be having all the necessary knowledge and experience required to create a faultless webpage. A programmer cannot be a web-designer at the same time. Just because of the nature of brain – graphic and logical thinking is controlled by different hemispheres. Of course there are some exceptions like Leonardo da Vinci for example. And if you are sure, that you know a person like da Vinci, than you should entrust creation of your site to him immediately!

Let’s get back to the idea, that a single specialist can create something like a webpage. But you should know that such product in most cases will be useless. I.e. even a small amount of money paid for this will definitely be wasted. But it is not the worst thing that might happen. This kind of sites may work against you and your business. Just imagine your potential client quite by chance will find this so called site and will ask himself: “how can I trust the company that even is not able to promote itself?”

If your site has not been done properly, it will not work! And you will waste not only the money, you will lose the clients that might be yours but chose your competitors.

And one more important point:

If your site is created by an individual, and not a company, you should be ready, that his/ her interest will be far from web solutions in a couple of years or even months. You will not be able to contact him/her in case of any troubles arisen. And you will have to seek another way out to solve the problem. All of this will take much more time and money resources.

Our employees are narrow area experts, who are responsible for their own work and field of activity.

Our experts have a significant experience in web development; they do know how to create a faultless website; they see in advance what kind of problems might arise and are able to handle them.