Our Advantages

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Our websites are attractive and harmonic. They are a combination of customers’ requirements and international web standards.

Product quality

In products we offer graphic elements and program code are perfectly combined.


We offer real prices, determined by the complexity of work and the time needed for webpage creation and not by customers’ personality and their annual budget.


Websites we created are maximally protected from hacker attacks. Since technical security of our products is ensured by reliable software and in time correction of malfunctions.

And the most important point. Dynamic sites we offer are based on individual Content Management System (CMS), that code and module mechanism unlike to its widely-spread alternatives like Joomla and Drupal is open only for Digital Design and a customer.

Content Management System (CMS)

We have worked out our own site administration mechanism that except site protection function we mentioned enables us to create any kind of modules for webpages.

Innovative Approaches

Our products are created based on modern tendencies and technologies.

Search Engine Optimized products (SEO)

We offer Search Engine Optimized web-solutions so your site always will be on the first pages of search engines.

We also would like to mention, that Digital Design is the only company in Georgia started to use and deploy Friendly URL Technologies.

Relations with Customers

While working on the project, we try to have close cooperation with our customers, take into consideration their wishes and priorities in order to combine them with our experience and finally get high quality, professionally developed product, that will be an efficient marketing instrument for both sides.

Training and Support

After finishing a project, we provide our customers with free consulting trainings introducing Content Management System (CMS) working principles.

Besides, for two months after completing the project we make amendments and eliminate errors absolutely for free.